How much can I expect to improve productivity if I implement labor standards?2013-10-24T12:30:05+00:00

Businesses who implement discrete engineered labor standards with a tier one labor management system in concert with a gain share/incentive plan will see gains from 15% to 35%.

Does Aries Consulting sell software?2013-10-24T12:29:34+00:00

No, ACL does not. ACL is a “software agnostic” service provider.

What geographic locations will Aries Consulting provide services?2013-10-24T12:29:09+00:00

United States, Canada, the Caribbean

What services can Aries Consulting provide?2013-10-24T12:28:46+00:00

Process improvement, ROI Determinations, Labor Management System Selection/Recommendations, Engineered Labor Standards Development and Audits, Labor Management System Implementation Project Management or Support, Change Management, Organizational Effectiveness Planning, Preferred Methods/SOP Documentation, Time Study Training, Engineered Labor Standards Training

What industries has Aries Consulting implemented engineered labor standards?2013-10-24T12:28:17+00:00

Grocery, Food and Beverage, CPG, Retail, Wholesale, Manufacturing, Life Sciences, Healthcare, and 3PL.

What labor management systems has Aries Consulting worked with in the past?2013-10-24T12:37:26+00:00

ACL has implemented WCS, Infor, Red Prairie, and NextView. ACL trained on HighJump and MARC. ACL helped design Retek (Oracle), MARC, and Catalyst labor management systems. ACL supports the Manhattan Associates LMS.

How many labor standards projects has Aries Consulting been involved in?2013-10-24T12:26:40+00:00

Over 150 engineered labor standards projects.

How many labor management system implementation projects has Aries Consulting been involved in?2013-10-24T12:26:18+00:00

50 plus LMS implementations.

Is Aries Consulting a qualified minority small business?2013-10-24T12:25:39+00:00


Does Aries Consulting have references?2013-10-24T12:24:29+00:00

Yes, ACL will provide references when requested.

Has Aries Consulting implemented labor standards in a union environment?2013-10-24T12:22:10+00:00

Yes, most of ACL’s experience is in operations represented by unions.

Has Aries Consulting ever had to go to arbitration over labor standards?2013-10-24T12:23:11+00:00

No, ACL’s engineered labor standards have always proven to be fair and accurate when audited by a union’s engineer; hence, there has never been a reason to go to arbitration.